Beware These Common Social Security Scams

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skeptical man on phone
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Even if you aren’t dependent on Social Security to live, it’s still money that’s rightfully yours.

This is why many people get so passionate about the topic. But retirees’ passion for the program can be weaponized against them through a variety of common Social Security scams.

Everything from calls to emails to letters are used to try and scam seniors into thinking they’re dealing with the real Social Security Administration. You could be told you need to supply information, or your benefits (or even your liberty) could be at risk. How do you know if you’re being targeted?

For one, the SSA will never press you for information, threaten you, or ask you for money. If you ever think you do have an issue with the program that needs addressing, contact the SSA directly. You can also report scam attempts to the Office of the Inspector general via 1-800-269-0271, or via the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

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