Is Social Security Still in Danger in 2023?

Is Social Security Safe in 2023?

While seniors will get a boost to Social Security in 2023, many worry there are still problems ahead.

Election season is now behind us, and as usual, Social Security was a hot topic of debate. Though some would say the poll results were favorable for seniors and retirees, others aren’t so sure.

What lies ahead for the program? As 2023 approaches, the country’s debt crisis becomes more apparent. With inflation adding up, it’s clear that voting alone isn’t enough to mitigate the dangers facing Social Security.

Are Seniors Facing a Bleak Financial Future?

It’s easy for candidates to talk about how much they care about preserving Social Security. Topics like this as well as Medicare and Medicaid see tons of talk during election season.

As we’ve covered, there’s a debate about whether these topics are being truly prioritized. It’s easy to wonder if they’re actually being used as political talking points. Even if candidates who claim to put seniors first gained victories, now they have to deliver.

But the debt is a massive problem that can’t be voted away. Social Security could be at stake in these negotiations. However, it’s not as simple as raising the ceiling to preserve the program. Raising it without cutting spending and closing the deficit leaves only two options — cut programs or inflate away the difference.

This inflation is one reason why, despite a record Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), many seniors are still struggling to make ends meet.

Will You Help Us Protect Social Security in 2023 and Beyond?

The future of Social Security is always on the line — and there’s no better way to show policymakers how important this issue is than to sign our petition.

Voting is one thing. Some people call it their duty. But even though the races have been called and the offices filled, we have to keep pressure on legislators for the sake of Social Security’s future.

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