Increased Social Security Benefits Even After Starting to Take Them?

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Many seniors believe that once they begin taking Social Security benefits that they’re set in stone. Aside from cost-of-living adjustments, they might think that there aren’t other increases that they’ll see in retirement. However, there are a few situations in which you could be eligible for higher Social Security benefits.

According to a blog post from the Social Security Administration, there are several circumstances under which a person and or their family could be eligible for higher benefits. These include the death of a spouse or adult child as well as whether both a person and their spouse worked. The Social Security Administration encourages Americans to look into benefits they could be due.

At NORA, we want Social Security beneficiaries to receive all they’ve earned, which is why we’re advocating for The COLA Act of 2021. Learn more about this important legislation today—and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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