4 Simple Steps to Fight for America’s Seniors

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fight for America's seniors

Retirees are facing a crisis. Rising inflation rates and COVID-19 hospitalizations have made many American seniors feel concerned for both their health and the future of their retirement benefits. With Washington politicians focused on their own agendas, seniors can be left behind. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to fight for America’s seniors — right from your own home.

Why Do We Need to Fight for America’s Seniors?

First, why is it so important to take action to improve retirement? There are a number of issues plaguing Social Security and other aspects of retirement that can make life more difficult for seniors. For example, we’ve seen years in which the Social Security Administration fails to provide a cost-of-living adjustment. This is unacceptable. This means that seniors don’t see any increase in their benefits those years – such as in 2010, 2011, and 2016. And if inflation rises the next year, retirees won’t be prepared.

Our nation’s lawmakers don’t take these concerns seriously enough. Calls for improvements to Social Security often lead to inaction. However, raising your voice could make a difference.

4 Steps to Take

There are four simple steps you can take if you’re ready to fight for seniors. These include:

  • Get informed – Learn more about the problem of missing COLAs. By NORA’s calculations, missed COLAs could amount to more than $10,000. We believe seniors are owed all the benefits they’ve earned.
  • Tell your loved ones – Spread the news to your friends and family. Sharing posts on Facebook or Twitter is also a simple way to tell others about this important issue.
  • Sign our petition – NORA’s online petition is the best, easiest way to make your voice heard by your representative. Add your name today!
  • Call your representatives – If you have a little time, make a call to your representatives and tell them you want them to pass The COLA Act of 2021.

Finally, keep up with all that NORA is doing. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you never miss an update.

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