Here’s Why You Should Keep Your Social Security COLA Letter

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If you’re like most seniors, you were excited to receive your Social Security COLA letter.

The record 8.7 percent increase is a nice boost. However, you should never depend on the Social Security Administration (SSA) to update your amount properly. Doing your own calculations will ensure the total is correct.

What if it isn’t? You’ll need to contact the SSA and let them know — and you should keep your Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) letter so you have proof of the reported payment in comparison to what it should actually be.

Mistakes happen, especially in a large bureaucracy. Benefits have been reduced to almost nothing, or even incorrectly suspended due to people being mistaken for dead. It’s best to keep all letters you receive, so you have your own records to go off of.

Keeping your letter will make it easier for you to get the full benefits you deserve – to get more news that retirees can use, follow NORA on Facebook and Twitter.